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Extract from the book" feng shui para todos". Chap. 2

Buddha Face


A piece of art in form of a canvas, painting or mural can improve or reduce the beauty of an space in a very special manner. A good painting attracts light to your house, gives depth, fills with strength and optimism a room, attracts the best thoughts and inspiration to your space. The question is to directly recognize which constitutes a good piece of art and which not. Do not think that a piece of art is good for you because of its international fame, its price, or how famous the artist is who created it. The work can be technically original or unique in some sense, but what has to be of importance for you is the theme and the inspiration that it transmits you. Imagine buying a significant work from a famous painter and the motive is a bloody war, a sad or gloomy character, a dark place without life, you will see that it will flood your space with this felling.

In most realized studies the paintings speak of psychological reasons that people harbour and then choose by affinity colours and representations of their internal condition. The symbolism can be found by area, a couple bedroom with a majority of female paintings could indicate that the woman does not relate with her husband, she feels alone or harbours too much prominence, other details will confirm more exactly this reality. Several paintings in which appear continously three persons in a couples bedroom can enhance or indicate some infidelity, if these symbols are also repeated in other objects you should observe well the situation. The correction in terms of feng shui is evident, remove this kind of pictures and put an information with motives that are in harmony.

Something important in any painting apart from the symbolism is the quality of the colours. It is not recommended an abundance of dark shades like thick red, heavy greens, fuchsia, gray, black or colours without light as they are associated to low and heavy energies, that only produces suffering and problems. Disorderly and chaotic strokes, or abstract paintings that have no head and tail produce confusing mental and emotional states. If you have pictures observe with attention their colours and what they represent and if they are bad sell them or make void. Always look for light and beauty in the paintings, values of noble sentiments, pictures that inspire you joy and vitality.


Much of what has been said about the paintings can be naturally moved to the sculptures. It would not be good advice in the form school expose figures showing a clear lack of harmony. Sculptures representing a maimed, sick body or one that has neither rhyme nor reason populary said create disharmony. Threatening or violent figures, can grow in a subtle form the conflicts or disputes in your family. Busts of gloomy or difficult characters also do not bring the best light to your space, many details are to diiscover with close observation.

Weigh up the the decoration of some cultures that use masks or ritual figures, be cautios placing objects that have been used in ceremonies of which you are not aware of their meaning or that represent strange energies. There are people who travel to countries like Africa and bring scary looking masks with them and end up putting them at the entrance of his house. The truth is that they are not the best reception.

An beneficial object in which abounds "Sheng Chi" shows always evidence for an intrinsic beauty, for an inner cleanliness of the artist, for its symbolic aspect, for the clear light that it brings to your space.

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