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Have you noticed repeatedly when working near a television screen or monitor fatigue, dizziness or lack of concentration?
Do you suffer from headaches or insomnia since the installation of a microwave antenna station near your home?
Are you feeling charged or tired after walking on carpeted floors and saturated spaces with technological elements such as photocopiers, computers, wireless routers, etc?

It is possible that some of these symptoms are due to the exposure to electrical and electromagnetic fields,which includes contamination by low frequency (home's electrical wiring, transformers, lighting, certain electrical appliances, ...) and what it includes high switching frequencies (radar, mobile telephony, WiFi, WiMAX, DECT, Bluetooth, etc).

Since recently some scientists and technical partnerships begin to take into account these facts. In many newspapers and media it is common to see claims of people who complain about a lack of health from living near a power line, an industrial transformer, and even the innovative mobile phone masts.

In the graph, you can see a simple scheme of classification of emissions, from the visible light that the human eye captures and goes from a range of 380 nanometers to 780 nanometers, to the radio waves that can span several kilometres.

Electromagnetic spectrum

We are surrounded by many natural sources of radiation like the cosmic rays, the radioactivity, the Earth's magnetic flux, and daily events such as sunlight. In the last century man has created through artificial technology innumerable artificial sources, from radio waves, through enlightenment, to the most advanced communication systems by microwave.

Should we worry about the emissions we are exposed in the modern world? Is it true that some of the emissions of the electromagnetic spectrum that industry considers normal can be related to certain diseases?

Common sense suggests that this relationship, emissions and health, is more important than the media express. Some people having no visual information about radiation downplay its influence. For example, there is an experiment open to anyone who has served many to be aware that the electrical radiation is a real and present energy. One just has to manage to get a fluorescent tube and get close to a power line when darkness begins. You will see that without cables, batteries or tricks of any kind the fluorescent tube you carry with you lights clearly. The radiation promotes the chemical activity inside the tube, although this one is at a considerable distance from the line.
It stands out of reason that if the electromagnetic field has power to light a tube with no other means than closeness, then the biological patterns somehow react to this radiation. Many researchers suggest such problems as fatigue, chronic fatigue, headaches and even diseases like cancer and leukemia in people exposed regularly to high radiation values. As with other fields, different people show different degrees of sensitivity and affection.


Many feng shui consultants and practitioners of Geobiology, recommend avoiding the excessive proximity of these sources. To verify a emission it is advisable to proceed with the necessary instrumentation that allows a reading of the electromagnetic or electric field. Today, a good professional of the environment should make the relevant measurements with proper equipment.Countries such as Germany, bring us a lot of advantage both in awareness of the problem as in data collection technology.

When performing a general feng shui study we have to observe several facts, among them, checking that there is no radiation danger of low or high frequency. The most common as previously mentioned, are transformers or power lines near the home, current-carrying wires for the neighborhoods of the city that pass near a window, appliances without an adequate armor in domestic purpose, alarm clocks on the nightstand in the bedroom, monitors and screens that are too close, installations without adequate grounding, antenna repetition, etc..

High Frequency Meter (Wifi, DECT, mobile, etc.) Mobile phone antennas


Something that concerns many people today, is the influence of mobile telephony. You may have verified yourself that when you talk a few minutes with your phone you start becoming congested. Those who use it more intensively notice headaches, palpitations, earache, and general symptoms of fatigue. Is there any real danger? Again consider the facts. The most useful suggestion for people who talk constantly with the mobile phone may be to purchase a free hand system, so that the device and its antenna are the furthest removed from the brain. The entire skull is, without a doubt, one of the most sensitive parts to the various sources of radiation. Some current studies report the occurrence of certain tumors in the skull by excessive mobile phone use, not to mention other various symptoms. Some governments have required the companies to an attenuation of the radiation levels as a preventive measure, but officially they do not establish a connection between mobile phones and health problems. As usual there are problems and business interests related to the multinational companies and there will pass time until these facts will be clarified in a totally objective manner for the good of the consumers.


Try to avoid electrical appliances near the headboard of your bed, keep your face or head to a safe distance from fluorescent tubes and lamps, avoid working with laptops on your body, do not let your children approach in excess to the TV or monitor, watch places of the stay where the the wall hides appliances such as microwaves, fridges, electric ovens, or large consumer appliances, etc..

Neither abuse of plastic materials and surfaces that tend to load themselves staticly as well as carpets, synthetic fabrics and clothing. Finally do not forget the importance of having a proper grounding in your home to reduce pollution from electric fields.

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Low Frequency Meter


If you are near high-voltage line, an industrial processor, a communications antenna or think you suffer from any adverse influence by electromagnetic fields, when in doubt, contact a qualified person who can perform the relevant measurements with proper appliances. We do not recommend using the "dowsing" or other similar techniques where the consultant's personal perception is variable and sometimes subjective, we clarify that this advice is not about the general use of this technique, but specifically to quantify values of electromagnetic radiation pollution . Today, these data can be studied with complete accuracy and security by appropriate technology.

Of course, what may vary is the affection at an individual level, but not the objective values of radiation and emission.

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