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The application of feng shui can be found in cities like Las Vegas, to the towering mountains of Tibet. Both examples express the ascending fire element but with completely different orientations. When we speak of matter, energy and feng shui we have to stop and think where to find the purest and healthiest materials for the space that surrounds us. Apart from the data that determine the best placement of certain elements in one place, as the five celestial animals or calculations of the compass, we will consider the energetic quality in reference to the materials that surround us.


If you look at the matter employed in timeless constructions you will see that they proceed from slow maturing in the bosom of the earth, the marble, the rocks, the stone, the jade, the hardwood or the natural crystals express countless years of incubation, where the energy of Heaven and Earth have given life to the elements. Think of the cement, carpets, plastic, Uralita, you will appreciate that they are different.The fast development shows buildings with ephemeral materials, generally unsuitable for the environment. The difference between a construction that respects the principles of life and one that does not comply is clear to feng shui, the same as it is substantially different to use jade or methacrylate, or it is different from a vase of fresh flowers to another with lifeless flowers.

From an energetic standpoint spaces built with bio-compatible materials are preferable. The main reasons are the emanation of the own structures and its impact on the vitality and general health. The clearest example, are totally sealed modern buildings which do not allow communication with the environment, a communication that replaces cement by earth, the air from the outside by the air conditioning, natural light by artificial light, a whole of facts that separate man from the real sources of health and energy.

The used materials should have the capacity to be absorbed by the environment without causing environmental damage, if we aim to wood, stone, organic dyes or the traditional mortar we will see that they result friendly, however, materials such as cement, plastics, asbestos, aluminum end up being a concern for the future and care for the environment. The structures that can not be reused easily or recycled without high energy costs are not appropriate for a respectful life, although interesting for rapid economic development. Do not think that these words are against the development of forms and inciting to live in mud houses, but rather encourage a development that means more consistency and future stability. The latest technology is full of friendly and useful discoveries, which pass into the background by momentary and transitory commercial interests.

Each material that surrounds us attracts to itself a particular energy type. For example, a floor like a carpet generates an easy way for dust, mites, static charge, contaminant plastic substances and even highly toxic fires. Many hotels and offices would improve observing these points.Before using a synthetic floor, think of a handmade carpet, a wooden floor, marble, or natural ceramic. Do not exchange the energy of the element earth by a lining without spirit.

Some materials that are considered little healthy are the radioactive granite, gypsum from waste incineration, wood treated with formaldehyde, chemical paints that do not transpire, synthetic fibers that get charged electrically, insulating coatings of fiberglass or asbestos, the abuse of plastic surfaces, the stuffing made of various debris, metallic skeletons that generate magnetic disturbances, etc.. Future architects, builders, interior designers and feng shui consultants can think of healthierand more respectful environments.

Although we can not immediately change external events, we have elections that reach the inside of the home, such as furniture, paintings, carpets, fabrics, flooring and other elements.

A good wine is not in an aluminum Tetra Brik, and perhaps our own existence would deserve the same treatment, carefully choosing the "protective packaging". Materials like a second skin, should respect the biological exchange. This short article aims to integrate to the current Feng Shui facts that were natural for the old masters. In the past there were no similar problems and although there were always inadequate buildings they never supposed an overflowing concern for the future of the earth, a future that is in our hands.

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