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Before making a serious correction in Feng Shui it is very important to observe if there is cleanliness, order, clarity or what we call a proper void. A common mistake is to rush and hastily put mirrors, figurines, charms, crystals or other objects with the intention to cure and improve a space without a proper basis.To proceed this way, without carrying out a preliminary clarification of the space, can suppose to enhance the latent caos, opening to the amplification of nonbalanced or negative aspects. Imagine you want to sow a good harvest and you fertilize a field full of weeds, as you water them they will grow with more force mining the good seeds that you had planted. For this reason the first step for any major correction in feng shui is to eliminate clutter, dirt or unbalanced symbols within the space.

Put yourself in the case that someone observes your house and gives you the advice to put a mirror in a certain area because there lacks depth or to attract a space that is missing. So far, everything seems to be a good idea, but with the hurry and the lack of attention one passes up that infront of where the mirror is placed, there is a painting that shows very little beauty or inappropiate shapes. What will be the result? Of course, amplify the prominence of an negative aspect inside the house and therefore worsen the original space and feng shui.

The recommendations of cleanliness, order and pre-void, similar to the demands of some Chi Kung masters, whom recommend an orderly life and a correct alimentation, before doing some practices. The movement of energy or Qi, results safer when running through a healthy environment or body. It is our responsability to observe these factors before initiating changes through Feng Shui. All the before said is valid for the numerous objects that some feng shui schools recommend in environments that are already saturated with derangement and unnecessary objects.The void, the cleanliness, the beauty and the natural order are always the best preceding to set up feng shui corrections and "cures".


A girl, young and fond of feng shui asks for a study of her home. She had some health problems and a relationship that has just broken. When visiting her home, she told us that she had read a book about thee power of candles to resolve certain problems, thereby she had filled many corners of her house with candles to achieve her personnel goals, among them recover ger former relationship. The feeling of the house was something strange and fuzzy, we were surprised to also see a lot of stones in different rooms, and when we ask about the origin, she told us that she had brought them nothing more and nothing less from some roman catacombs near her hometown. The candles along with the stones created an extreme cold and yin Qi.

Our immediate advice, before any other, was to quickly remove all the candles, the stones of the catacumbs and some masks she possessed. She was also recommended to do away with unnecessary objects or gifts with lack of beauty that she only mantained to please others and we increased the light and clarity of the colors that had yin connotations. Within few weeks our client had substantially improved her health and for her surprise she reconciled with her partner. The extreme yin could be rectified by adding light and clarity through the cleanliness and a suitable void of her objects.

We always recommend the students and persons who attend the feng shui courses, that before doing Feng Shui cures, they should pay close attention to the cleanliness and the need of voiding certain objects to not enhance an unbalanced Qi. The use of mirrors, candles, stones, quartzes, figurines and other elements with the intention of enhancing spaces always requires an adequated basis. As it is not advisible to empower a person that lacks common sense, it is also not recommended to put energy just like that to a space that is not clean and possesses balance.

It is very important before seeking solutions through feng shui to clean, void and to tidy up thoroughly. The way to do it is always from the more physical to the more subtle. Sometimes we look to heaven when we don´t even have organized the more practical and earthly aspects of the energy, This would be something like invoking the angels so they come to arrange our storage room or to put light where there is missing a bulb.


The accumulation of useless junk is not good press in Feng Shui. There is explained that a storage room causes slowness and confusion always where it is. If you use the technique to divide the space in 9 areas with a specific symbology or another different system of interpretation, wherever you have the storage room it will suppose an increase of confusion and caos in this area. You have to analize it from a global perspective.Some people give a symbolic meaning depending on the level where the junk appears, if they are found in the basement it tells us about an area of derrangemnt like forgotten memories or experiences in the subconcious, if they appear in the attic they refer on a derrangment or excess of mental information, if they are out of home they are things that we don´t want to see with clarity from ourselves. Anyway, as the case may be, the actual interpretation of a place that is full of derrangment is a "certain caos" in our existence, which is very beneficial to give fluidity.

Once done the void correctly the storage rooms like that should disappear, however, a place that serves for storing tools, objects that are rarely used, can resemble something in a storage room. In this case it is recommended to use the order and a correct classification by shelves, drawers or other forms. A "semi-storage room" that is roomed up has a more postive lecture than one tha is upside down.

The storage rooms are also associated inside the health with the accumulation of tension in different parts o the body, lack of intestinal mobility and the like. Many people in the process of clearing their house of clutter and unnecessary objects, say they have symptoms like running out the bathroom, they receive unexpected calls from people, find positive solutions to problems that had been stagnant for a lon time, and a continous etc.


There is one fact that all persons who assist the courses comment when they do the void and order in their space, working external clutter in their home or place of work, a part of themselves gets more orderly, emerging a sense of more clarity and vitality. We can compare this to unravel a lot of knots, or eliminate lots of energetic threads towards facts that won´t give us back something interesting. If one understands the clutter like carrying a backpack full of stones on your back, then it is normal that when elimintating these energetic ties and threads we obtain an extra dosis of energy and vitality.

You can extend this theme in a more extense way, in the work "Feng Shui para todos".

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