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Welcome to Feng Shui Natural!

This space is dedicated to all the lovers of this beautiful thousand year old wisdom. Feng Shui Natural School, puts at your disposal, periodic courses, interesting articles, free software, trips related to Feng Shui, as well as useful information to make our space a better place.

And what is Feng Shui?

The words feng shui are translated as wind and water, representing a deep collection of knowledge that has its roots in the observation of the forces and forms surrounding nature. The old masters summarized Feng Shui as the art of directing and retaining the Qi or vital energy, in an attempt to improve environmental conditions that promote life, health and general harmony.

A classical text of Chinese geomancy called "Zangshu" from Master Guo Pu (276-324 AD) states: "The Qi (energy) travels and disperses with the wind but is retained in the presence of water." This set phrase for every student of geomancy clears up the origin of the term feng shui (wind and water) as the art of channeling and conserving Qi.

If you know how to instinctively appreciate that certain places are favorable for the positive development of things and others not, you are capturing certain principles on the art of feng shui.

A place with good feng shui facilitates the afluence of positive currents into the space influencing in the lives of its inhabitants. These beneficial currents generally translate to good health, family stability, success in projects, or what some people would call facilities or "luck". Obviously, the persons destiny is not written in the external environment inevitably, because there are deeper events in the life of every human being. Feng Shui has its own frame and does not mean a magical cure. It acts only facilitating certain movements, such as rowing with the wind or to take advantage of the flow of the water.

A place with bad feng shui may seem an infertile land, that requires continuous care and attention to stay afloat. If we count on an environment that is clearly harmful and also scarce energy from our side then this could end up subjugating our best purposes and intentions. The environment represents a "constant willpower"which has its own force and direction. The wisest thing to do is to understand it having the possibility to adapt to its different movements.

The profound study of feng shui can bring us closer to the comprehension of the ambiental energy in its many aspects, a fact that can enable us to find healthy places that promote our vitality or esencial health which is the essential basis of other achievements.

You should understand feng shui as a tool for planting your best seeds in the most fertile land, considering as the fundamental basis of the process, respect and harmony towards nature and life around us.

You have to find the best feng shui also inside yourself, because a good ally rises from our determination and personal attitude.

Feng Shui in China

Pekin, Nanjing, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Accompanied by Natividad Pérez Domingo and Silvestre Pérez.
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